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Hey, everyone! I figured I'd try and make a single thread where we could all post our ideas to help the development team with fleshing out a Tier-5 Excelsior ship for the C-Store. I humbly ask that everyone keep things civil and on topic, thank you!~

Here is the information we have so far, a direct quote from dstahl.

Originally Posted by dstahl
The details haven't been completely ironed out yet - so I don't have all of what you're asking for but here's what I can share.

The models for the ship are nearly complete - it is just a matter of adding the powers/class configs to the ships and then getting approval.

These ships are currently slated to have slightly different configurations with at least 1 intersting unique ability (Nebula will have some sort of awacs like power and excelsior gets transwarp to any sector ability)

We are heavily considering a suggestion posted earlier where acquiring these ships unlocks both a T3 AND T5 version. So you can fly it at Captain and then a Refit version at Admiral. (love this idea btw)

And as mentioned earlier - I'm also arguing for a way to get alternative ways to unlock these types of things in game so that there are other ways to get the ship rather than via the C-Store.

Price is completely up in the air and set by the C-Store team.

My Tier 5 Excelsior Suggestion -- **Updated!**

Bridge Officer Stations
Commander Engineering, Lieutenant Commander Engineering, Lieutenant Tactical, Lieutenant Science, Ensign Universal. (Ensign Science is acceptable if Universal is not).

Consoles: 4x Engineering, 3x Science, 2x Tactical.

Hull Strength: 35000.

Shield Strength: Identical to Assault/Star Cruisers.

Device Slots: 4.

Crew Compliment: 500-600.

Turn Rate: 9.

Weapon Slots: 4/4.

Unique Power: Transwarp Drive (as listed in above quote).

My suggestion has the Excelsior on equal footing with Tier 5 Starfleet Cruisers (no better or worse), and specifically designed similar to a Star Cruiser with Officer station layout and consoles -- which I think is more fitting of her lineage and purpose. It will also give those who do not like the look of current Star Cruisers (like myself) something to fly that is more traditional and sleek but with the desired power layout. Lesser crew is a balance and lore point (but I admit I do not know how much crew an Excelsior is supposed to have) and would allow for a marginally better turn rate.

Thoughts, anyone?

Any further comment from devs/GMs, are highly welcome!