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07-16-2010, 03:24 PM
Originally Posted by Sparhawk_Mike
A thought I just had in relation to this ship prompted by your post. Why not offer both a Star Cruiser and an Assault cruiser variant of this ship to make both sides happy?

Unless Cryptic is willing to make this ship an hybrid that does both well at the same time and stick it under the new cruiser refit skill (unlikely I'm guessing).
The way it was used in the past movies, it looked to be more of a star cruiser than a tactical cruiser. Who knows, that could be one option. I would gladly pick up one of these if they offered it with similar specs to both the tac and star cruisers currently available at T5.... The TW to any sector is a great idea...but then again...if you use this vessel at can use it saves some time...but I would ant something that is a bit more useful than what is slated. Don't ask me what skill I had in mind...that's not my