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07-16-2010, 04:30 PM
Originally Posted by Matunus
If the price is right then ill buy em , Yes we need more content Yes we need more options and god i hope they are working on it. Do you really think that your 14.99 a month is goin to pay for all that and keep the lights on.
They have not put anything that is game breaking in the c store and they say they wont So whats the problem?
The ships are not game breaking get over it .
While your idea is duly noted, I must confess that I as well feel uncomfortable paying an exorbitant sum in cryptic points just to fly a ship with a special power. They sure wont do that for the refits being released...That being said...this is no refit but is special.

I say that if they are to charge us hundreds or thousands of cryptic points..then It should be an account wide purchase and NOT limited to one character...but then again, who knows...they're so cryptic about their current thoughts about pricing...