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07-16-2010, 04:31 PM
Originally Posted by KillingMeSoftly
This morning I had an idea to make the C-Store purchase of the original series USS Enterprise more palatable, considering the hefty 800 CP cost. This thread isn't to debate whether the price should be lowered, but to add incentive to the purchase of a Tier 1 vessel with a $10 price tag.

My suggestion would be renaming the C-Store item to "Original Series Bundle" or something similar, and the purchase would include;

1) The Original Series USS Enterprise.
2) The Original Series Uniforms.
3) *New* Original Series Constitution-class Bridge, as seen in the TV show.

As a bundle, it will give people access to all of the Original Series goodies at an acceptable $10 price tag, allowing people not only to dress in the original series uniforms but also have access to the original series Constitution class with the bridge from the TV series to match! With the coming bridge interiors, I believe this is a unique opportunity!
I would be happy with a TOS constitution class bridge...
I would also go for a TOS constitution class interior as well.
That would be money well-spent...

What do you think?