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07-16-2010, 04:49 PM
I've had problems with both a Nvidia GTX 260, and a GTX 285.. I'm running a i7 CPU, and I've heard the same issue from other players... So your not alone... I've cut back on some of the vidio effects (bloom specificly) and it seems to help.. It still crashes on me usually after about 5 min of play, then I restart the computer and its stable after that... You would think that the game should have no issues at all with a current generation GPU witha 1 gig of vid ram to play with but sure 'nuff it does. This is the only game I have issues with. I also find it somewhat hard to belive that its a "defective video card" as I've been told by Cryptic tech support. ((BTW, one of the lazier answers I've ever gotten from a tech support desk... NOT impressed))

On the other hand NVidia's support desk say the issue IS game side.