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07-16-2010, 06:52 PM
Originally Posted by Tommo64 View Post
Dream on... it'll never happen.

The bridge would require programming time, which I am sure has now become extremely limited. There is no incentive for the uniforms and ship to be bundled, as most people already have one or the other already.

I would rather see more content... wouldn't you?
I have no problem with dreaming, and I realize this may never come to pass. It's an idea I felt I'd share, no need to try and crush my hopes!

The Bridge would require programming time, and I do want to see more content -- how is the TOS Bridge not new content, when it's currently not in the game? Never-the-less, the GMs and Developers who post on these boards have informed us time-and-time again that revenue from the C-Store goes towards creating more content. This idea is to boost sales in mind, and I feel more people would purchase the USS Enterprise if it included something more than just a Tier1 ship, such as the original series bridge and the uniforms.

Originally Posted by KDavies
theres only a few cannon bridges that are in the brigde, and the TOS Bridge is restricted by you know who...CBS....they even stopped Cryptic with the LCARs...and they stopped on the TOS Bridge when GameStop had it, this reason is that Gamestop actually wanted the TOS ship AND the bridge, CBS stopped that and just let them use the ship

CBS is VERY strict on what Cryptic is doing with this game
Thanks for the info, I wasn't aware that the USS Enterprise was originally slated to come with the original bridge. Do you have any references concerning CBS stopping Cryptic from producing LCARs and the USS Enterprise bridge? I would like to see them. I am not so certain about the LCARs, I have a bridge on my DSSV that has a hybrid of the crappy Cryptic-styled "LCARS" wannabe and actual LCARS, but I admit that most of the panels are the knock-off brand, not the real thing. If you're interested, I'll post some pictures.