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07-17-2010, 01:24 AM
I am 99% sure the issue is game side. I've played Batman again and Fallout 3 for over and hour and they both ran so beautifully.
Once STO crashes it seems to have nasty side effects on the stability of Windows 7. I'd get sticky lock ups, other programes timeing out and also causing the OS to hang during shutdown.

I don't get any problems with any other games.

Cryptic, if you do happen to read this I have some advice. Once Season 2 comes out please, please, please do not work on any more content for the game until you can fix the underlying issues with in the game, also don't tell people that their cards are defective - STO is not an A listed game so WE all know there are a lot of bugs and issues with the game engine.
I really didn't pay 220 for a new card only to be faced with the option to have to take it out and put in my 8800GT to play STO again. I bought this new card to enhance my STO experience, as I don't play any other games right now.