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07-17-2010, 07:25 AM
I already play as an Andriod Life Form. That is the wonders of the Create an Alien feature in Character Creation. I wrote a quick back story based on the idea that Star Fleet was designing a hybrid Artificial Life Form based on Android, Borg, and Nanite technology. I based my skills on logical choices that fit my needs, and fit with a cybernetic life form. I choose to make him a grey color since he was a prototype, and removed hair, nose, ears to make him generic. He is not indestructable, but neither was Data, Lore, or B4 (poor B4 was in pieces when introduced). While some may want those specific, and/or unique, powers and skills I think most coul make one with existing options availible.

I have actually seen a few very well done Data look alikes since launch. We may all want to consider that maybe the game requires less prefab, and more creative.