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07-17-2010, 07:43 AM
Originally Posted by Captain_Kyon
sigh... it isn't the game... all you have to do is go to DEVICE MANAGER on your COMPUTER... UNINSTALL the GeForce Card Drivers... remove the card and replace it and DOWNLOAD the correct drivers from and Update your DIRECT X...

i had a GEForce 6800 and upgraded to a GeForce 9800GT and i had no problems cause i did exactly as above. so dont blame the game and besides on my computer i'm using the STO i had installed since Closed Beta, never reinstalled it just update...
LOL! I love how you think your solution is final and absolute. Let me explain a bit about myself and this is no meant in any kind of arrogant way.

I am a computer repair technician by trade and I also build custom PCs for gamers and video editors so I KNOW how to build/upgrade a system properly, so please don't patronise me with answers like that. Just because that worked for you doesn't mean it's final and the only solution. Your card is over a year old now, mine is barely a week...

I am meticulous in how I keep my PC, drivers and files are always up to date and highly organised.

I speak from experience that it IS the game at fault. Why do I know this? Because I've thoroughly tested, and in a Sherlock Holmes manner, I've came to the final conclusion that the only issues I have with this new card lie with STO then STO must be the problem.