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07-17-2010, 07:48 AM
Originally Posted by Enignite View Post
There shouldn't be any need to remove the card (unless you weren't talking about physically). You can try Driversweeper if you are still having issues, also make sure you've uninstalled everything to do with drivers, CCleaner can help as well for clearing registry data. Make sure you get drivers for your card/OS.

What are you're temps while playing STO? Limiting the FPS and turning off/down some settings (i.e. AO, MS/AA) will help if the card is overheating. STO can push cards to a lot higher temps than other games and can result in the drivers 'crashing'.
My temps are 29C Idle and 51C on full load for the GTX 460- with everything maxed out.
CPU temps are 30C idle and 42C on full load.

I have my FPS limited to 60FPS, I've turned off antialiasling and I have also toned down all lighting effects and turned off Dynamic Lighting. It has made the game a little more stable but from time to time the screen will go black and come back and after a while just completely freeze.