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07-17-2010, 10:28 AM
Originally Posted by B.Donaldson
Im just wondering, Cryptic...

Are you ever going to release any Free/Non-Unlockable/Non-Cstore uniform options?

I ask this because we are currently very limited in the number and combinations of Uniform options that we can set as Fleet Uniforms. The Fleet Window will not allow us to designate any unlockable uniforms (I.E. TNG, DS9, WoK) as a Fleet Uniform.... we can only use the default Uniform options that came with the game.

What happens when you release the Dress Uniform? will it be an unlockable also? so we cant designate it as our Fleet's Dress...

What happens when you release the Admiral's Uniform? i have a feeling that will be C-Store aswell....

Im a little mad that every uniform option that did not come with the game during initial release is designated as an Unlockable and sold in the C-Store... just to make a few extra bucks. Why not after a few months just release the Unlockables (like the TNG,DS9, WoK, Dress, Admiral) as free and non C-Store so we can update our Fleet's with more options?...

just my 2cents
If you thought putting the Pre-Order items on the C-Store made people hostile, guess what will happen if they are given for free.