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07-18-2010, 03:55 AM
Originally Posted by Liandras
really data storage cost are minimal on all fronts if the system you have behind it is solid.

as for charging they charge to get more money they can use for equipment + more personel and thus get more content done and improve the game. Cryptic is not that big and I can understand they need it.

Unlike WoW for example that earns around 1.5 bilion euro a year just froms subs alone I couldn;t
lol...on a large scale (like a game) storage costs do hike up... wether you want to belive that or not.

as for WOW, how many years they been going now? close to 9? hmmm your comparing almost a decade of added content to a game that aint even a year old...

ill happily bet my house, that blizz/wow wasnt earning that much in there first year...