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07-18-2010, 03:58 AM
First, a little information.

I have been hanging out here since August 2008, I played open Beta, early release and I pre-ordered the game before it was released to the public. We were well informed that there would be a C-store in the game before the game was available for purchase and knowing that, I still purchased the pre-order game as well as the pre-order LTS. There are a few things in the C-store that I purchased because I thought they would be nice to have, there are certain thing in the C-store that I do not want at all.

You are not required to purchase anything in the C-store. You can still make Admiral and beyond without making a C-store purchase. You can play all the missions without buying anything from the C-store. Your dog will not die if you don't purchase items from the C-store. And your family will still love you if you do not buy things from the C-store.

Now for my questions...

Why was this not put in the proper forum? The C-store forum is a better place to put feedback for this type of thing.

If you were opposed to the C-store why did you buy the game?

Do you really think that they will get rid of the C-store?

How does the C-store give someone an advantage?

Do you write long letters to the cable company (I pay you every month for my service, but I don't get the PPV movies for free. I feel ripped off) ?

Honestly....the C-store will not go away, it was planned before the game began. No amount of text will get it removed, It is ok if you don't like it for whatever reason (can't afford it, morally opposed to it, mom won't let you have it). But it is here to stay.