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07-18-2010, 12:18 PM
OK i just have one thing to say here and yes i know that this is a tech support forum but from what i've seen so far this is the only way to get anything across.. First of all I did try to use the sumit a ticket page you mentioned.. let me ask you this .. have you actually tried to use it because it doesnt work, it promts you to choose billing or tech question and thats as far as you can go.. Secondly (which is the main reason im looking for help) i tried to set up an account which i was able to do but when i tried to load the game it keeps telling me that there is an account error so i click on a link.. The link sends me to a billing sight that tells me that i have a 30-trial and under that is askes for billing information. NOW, Explain to me why i would want to set up a subscription for something that i havent even tried yet.. if im suppose to have a 30-day trial then give me the trial and if after 30 days i think your company deserves my payments then at that time i will set up a subscription.. otherwise the game will be deleted from my computer and start collecting dust while i play ******** and Lord of the Rings (which by the way understand the meaning of the term 30-day free trial)