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07-18-2010, 12:42 PM
Originally Posted by KillingMeSoftly
Perhaps the safest way to play it would make the Excelsior identical to the Star Cruiser, save for roughly half the crew, better turn rate, and maybe 35,000 hull strength instead of 39,000. That's a configuration I can certainly live with, though no one's suggestions have been bad. Such a layout would give people who like the Science-themed feel of Star Cruisers a more traditional and sexy look for their starship; I know I don't like how Star Cruisers look, and plenty of others don't, either. It would be a great alternative... and help keep the ship in line with the C-Store needing to be mostly cosmetic/game services (like name changes, etc)... it would, essentially, be little more than a Star Cruiser costume with some minor quirks.

Personally (I'm just rambling now), I don't like the idea of the Excelsior being another Tactical-themed Cruiser, like the Assault Cruiser. We already have the Sovereign, and she's lovely. Excelsior can compliment the Sovereign on the other side of the fence, as a Science-focused Cruiser.
I would be happay with that. The idea of making the Excelsior a more fragile, yet more versatile counterpart of the Star Cruiser while keeping the general performance is tempting one. While I like the Star Cruiser design, many people don't. This way they *might* also have an optical alternative with the Excelsior.

Also the Galaxy-X is something I already find rather tactical orientated (Cloak, Phaser Lance, Cannons, Tac Ensign slot), I also have to say we should have another more science oriented ship with the Excelsior.