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07-19-2010, 09:31 AM
Originally Posted by Colonius
but my main prob is this:
my bridge starts to feel more and more strange...
even i get most of the species i simply like to have,
it seems my ship consists just of aliens, borg and holographic BOs in future...
even now i just hold two humans and a trill on my bridge,
which are last to make it feel "federation-like"...

so finally my actual BO-wishlist, which i would like to see as my Nightshift-BOs:
- a bolian, which was my very first BO and i had to discharge later
- the male klingon, was one of my very first BOs too
- the betazoid i replaced
- the female alien that fitted to the original look of my cptn
- the andorian i will have to replace soon
- the holographic-BO would be probably Nightshift if stays not customizable
- even a couple of aliens that fits to my actual cptn-species
- a caitian as soon they come live
- a liberated Borg (yes just as Nightshift-BO would be enough to me and worth buying it)
- a ferengi (simply would like to have one)
- a couple of humans to avoid the mentioned "alien,borg and holographic-invasion"
- any upcoming reward-BOs
iŽd like to give a small update to this:

- the male andorian is replaced meanwhile, definitaly Nightshift-candidate
(one of my very first BOs too)
- im able meanwhile to claim the holographic-BO, but still havent done!
until he gets at least a few customize options (uniform) only Nightshift-candidate
- actually i still hold the Khitomer-Reward-Borg-Science-BO,
but if we wont get at least the option to show his armor permanently,
even on bridge, he stays a Nightshift-candidate
- actually ive read about something, which isnt 100%ly confirmed yet i believe,
but it is said at high Dipl.Corp-Ranks we will be able to claim a klingon-factioned-BO, incl their armor-options!
since ive made most of my credits yet by being kind of a slave-merchant...
(buying and reselling BOs in the exchange )
... and i even use the Syndicate-Boss-Title for that reason
it would be just stylish to have an orion slave-girl on the ship...

moreover ive seen that video about ship interiors...
... incl the masses of generic crew running around there...

of course a couple of Nightshift-Bos wont be enough to replace them all,
so im really awaiting the default-uniforms for the generics...
but still id wish to see some "visual-BO-stations" at specific interior parts...
this should mean f.e. at the sickbay you would be shown two sci-BOs out of your Nightshift-list
plus a few generic crewmembers with default uniforms...

ive told above that im afraid bout that alien, borg and holographic invasion on my ship...
i admit that masses of human-generics would avoid this,
but honestly:
a mass of generics WITHOUT default uniforms,
all nameless "Science Officer"s f.e., without any "named" customized BO...
that would feel like any ship i might walk through, but not mine...

so PLEASE Devs,
i agree you dont have to realize this 100%ly,
but please give this some attention, it IS an issue to think about...

(and yes i know the chances they read this are minimal
but maybe someone in contact with them read this and give them a hint...
narf... yes i start being desperate...)