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First off, it's way easy to get any ship that's a standard ship. Crafting in STO leaves much to be desired.

Memory Alpha items that are created are no better than items that can easily be obtained through mission running. So, this is my suggestion for our crafting system.

We need something unique to crafting, yet something that works to fit into the confines of the Star Trek Universe, as well as the MMO world as a whole. My suggestion is to allow us to custom create items, using a point system. This would work for any item created, as well as ships.

By developing a well balanced point system to be used in the creation of items, we can custom create items from consoles to ships to ship equipment, and even ground based equipment. We can see ships that have all one type of station, or perhaps ships that have 5 officer stations instead of the standard 4.

The general concept is you start with a pool of points depending on the level and type of item/ship. Each additional item/slot/officer station added takes away from the overall pool of points available. Standard specification can be exceeded, but at a point cost penalty higher than what would be normal, so that ship with 5 bridge officer slots may not have as strong of a hull, or may have to sacrifice console or device slots, or have a weaker hull, etc etc. I believe I have relayed the concept rather well.

Another aspect to custom ship building is we can perhaps design a ship whos weapon arcs and slots can be customized. Let's take a star cruiser with 4 rear and 4 aft slots. Well, standard ships those arcs are from the front for any weapon, but what if we were to start that arc 45 degrees off front/rear? So the weapon itself retains it's true arc, but the overall firing arc has changed from the 315 to 45 degree radials to the 270 to 360/0 radials, offering some options.

The ideas are limitless here. Weapons/items/ships can be so custom made that it may be hard pressed to find two of the same custom items that are made alike.

Think about it. The options are limitless on what we can do. DEVS merely need to listen, and I do hope this post does get noticed. If I knew of a way to send this directly to a lead developer, I would, as I really think this idea has strong merit, and I don't know if it's been discussed as of yet.

Also to add, those points also relate to which and how many data samples are used.

Thanks for taking the time to read.