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Now that we have interiors can you guys add cats, dogs and other animals to the C-store. Archer had Porthos, and Data had Spot. Data even wrote a poem about Spot.
The pet could have a stay command for when you want to keep it in your ready room or quarters or a follow command if you want it to follow you around the ship. I imagine that the follow/stay mechanics would be similar to those on the BOFFs. As for the animal's actual behavior I'm not suggesting that it be 100% accurate. A simple loop animation where it lies down on the floor for a while then gets up and roams around the room, then goes and sit for a little while then goes walk a little more then lies down again would be fine by me. Cat's could maybe lick themselves clean at random intervals and dogs can wag their tails excitedly to add some random animation, but even that doesn't need to be a must IMO.

They could have a feline pack w/ several different breeds of cats, a canine pack w/ different breeds of dogs and then single alien pets like the Klingon targ, the Vulcan sehlat, the jackal mastiff and the Klingon monster dog. I also think that all the alien pets should be available to both factions, We do after all have Fed Klingons and who's to say that KDF warrior couldn't tame a sehlat.