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07-20-2010, 08:05 PM
Originally Posted by phlyto View Post
Stormshade, It would go a long way if dev posts came more than once per page, and if the legitimate suggestions were acknowledged, discussed, encouraged... or even nicely shot down or redirected.
Communication helps. Feed back helps.
But, its far more effective when the communication is active both ways.

This is the same sort of treatment (or lack therof) that gets people all bent out of shape in the Tech/Help forums. There is virtually no communication coming from Crytic on much of anything at all. People are paying for this product/service and when it appears that the powers that be couldn't even be bothered to post a message to acknowledge an issue, it comes as no surprise that people are cancelling their subscriptions (of which the resulting player vacuum is becoming more and more obvious).

Whatever happened to all that talk on Cryptic's end of "transparency"? If Feedback forums are to be virtually ignored by Cryptic devs, why have them? The lack of Cryptic's "responsive voice" shows a lack or concern for, even lack of respect of, it's subscribing customer base.

Yes, if a thread gets out of hand, close it/deal with it. Yes, Stormshade did in fact post an "acknowledgement" of this this issue and thread. The thing is, if Cryptic did that more often, there wouldn't be half the Cryptic-flaming and customer UNsatisfaction that has become so prevalent.