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07-20-2010, 07:26 PM
Originally Posted by phlyto View Post
I went back over the last 8 pages. These are the dates of dev posts on those pages. All dates are 2010.

20 July. 1 July. 22 June. 29 April x2. 20 April. 31 March.

It only takes a few minutes to skim the forums. If they need to "designate" a developer to do that, then perhaps they should. As I said earlier, communication is key. Its the reason they have "Community Managers" employed. It's why Stormy is here.
Oddly enough they don't need to post to have read everything.

Maybe the Cryptic community folks need to start a Blizzard style approach and constantly remind people not to fish/beg/plead for dev posts and that they do actually read stuff without replying to everything >.>