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07-21-2010, 09:38 AM
Originally Posted by GameMan2k View Post
Iíll preference this by saying Iím not big on PvP and Iíve heard about their short comings early on so I never bothered starting a Klingon character before.

At this point of STO Iíve leveled every combination of Federation characters available and wanted to try something different to keep my interest in the game.

To my my suprise:

The Klingon Tricorders does not point toward their missions objectives, even though the game-mechanics is readily available.
I had to abandon many Exploration missions because I spent way too time aimlessly looking around.

They have no Research & Development and there are practically no Anomalies to collect, even if itís just to mail them to their Federation counter parts.

There are only about 4 different ground & space exploration missions; couldnít some of the Federation Exploration missions simply be copied over to the Klingons?

Because of these huge imbalances and neglect it's very clear that STO is not a two faction MMO.

Are any of these and other Klingon issues addressed in Season 2, or should I just delete my Klingon character now?

The only thing that works very well on the Klingon side is theĒ C-StoreĒ.

There are plenty of Klingon items to be purchased there. I just hope there are enough players around to buy them.
There's a lack of the kind of content we are used to on the Federation side, but being Klingon is about having a different style of gameplay experience I suppose, e.g. focusing on the PvP

Season 2 will add 8 new Klingon specific episodes and they also get to do the weekly Deferi episodes too, because those are factionless.

Without a research and development thing, they probably didn't see fit to add in anomalies for you to collect. Mailing them to your other selves is not exactly a good enough reason to put some in yet.

I'm mystified about the Tri-corders thing, but maybe they don't work because they want you to hunt like a Klingon lol.