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07-21-2010, 09:04 AM
Originally Posted by Ashter
So to sum this up. . .A PvE'r rolled a PvP toon, knowing it was a PvP toon. . .discovered that said PvP toon was meant for PvP instead of PvE and is now complaining because they want the PvP toon transformed into a PvE toon. . .is that about right?

I have no problem being able to play a Klingon as a PvE character. Frankly I would prefer it because PvP players, in general, have no patience for people who don't regularly PvP and can be rather...vulgar about it.
As I recall the Klingons became primarily PvP when production schedules became such that it was completely impossible to have a fully functioning setup in place for the Race at launch. This is a flaw I seriously hope is rectified before we see the launch of another faction in the game. Barring that perhaps Klingons will always remain that way and the next faction will be more PvE and thats how it will be.