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07-21-2010, 10:21 AM
Originally Posted by cold_gin_time_again View Post
I agree with this. then Klingons presented in a later expansion. Would have gone a lot smoother.

but then again Cryptic has always made people go "Whaat ??" with their decisions and timing.
people pushed for klinks to be added to the game at launch. there was a dev interview (several) that expressed cryptics desire to NOT include the klinks at launch cause they were not complete and offered very little but the possibility of pvp only. people still cried anyway. cryptic put them in...and now look. cryptic listened to the community, put them in, even with a disclaimer, and you still get nothing but whines and cries of injustice about the faction.

Originally Posted by TonyRaktajino
Because they bend over for all the whiners far too often.
you call it bend over, i call it a business move and listening to the player base.
there is no way, unfortunaate as it is, that cryptic can win on this front anymore. they explained many times about the faction being pvp centric and limited in other activities as compared to the federation side. they are adding content since the player base cried and whined about it, but i would venture the vast majority of the sunscribers are federation players only as it is.

besides, Star Trek was focused around the Federation and not the KDF or other Factions.