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07-22-2010, 02:06 AM
Originally Posted by Captain_Atomic
I bought it yesterday. Today I'm a bit disapointed !!!

Yes, it's cool that I can equip cannons, but what's the point, since I can't turn fast enought to use them?
Another thing: From the description made about the "spinal phaser", I was convinced that the ship would come with some kind of unique weapon that would do massive damage, but no. It comes with ordinary dual phaser cannons MK VIII (not even an MK X).

Am I missing something or is this ship a big disapointment?
As for the Spinal Lance, it's not a weapon you can equip, but an innate ability given to you once you drive the ship. It should be on your ability listing window. It does a decent damage.

Don't forget the cloak. It's pretty fun. Besides those, the ship performs subpar compared to other T5s.