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Yes, I know it's been awhile since this happened but I read on Massively this interview about the DCUO game coming out and this quote summed up exactly how I felt the preorder bonuses should have been handled:

Are you considering making the preorder bonus items available to everyone at some point down the line, maybe through an item store?

No. It looks like what we're going to do is make it that if you get it through a preorder, that's the only way you'll ever be able to get it. The big one here is that you can play as Batman -- that's a big deal, so we're trying to make sure that the people who preorder and who are the biggest fans get rewarded with that. People after the fact have lost their chance.

"Biggest fans" really stood out for me. So many people who love Trek were willing to spend hundreds of dollars just to get some exclusive items based on nothing more than a love for the property. It's more then just drumming up business, it's a way to thank people for taking a risk on a new, unproven game.

Again, I get that it happened and it's over and nothing can be done, but hopefully in the future Cryptic will learn from this and not make the same mistakes again. Personally, I'm done with Cryptic studios. I will never buy anything from them ever but not everyone feels the same way. Respect your customers, especially the ones who showed loyalty when none was earned.

And before people start in about having sour grapes, I bought two copies of the game. The second copy I bought months after release when it was on sale at Amazon.