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07-22-2010, 03:48 PM
Hey gang!

First, I want to address why we don't allow people to post the names of individuals who may, or may not have engaged in activities like this. It's for the "May not have" reasons.

Let's just say that I have an in-game argument over something with Mumrah. If I get really upset, and can't bring him around to my way of thinking, and I'm particularly vengeful, I could post saying that Mumrah has done something truly horrible to me! That will teach him! Right?

But Mumrah hasn't done anything horrible to me in all actuality, we just had a disagreement over people storing too many Tribbles in the bank. Mumrah suffers a hit to his reputation. I suffer a hit to my reputation, and in the end, no one really wins. It's the kind of drama that tears apart fleets and larger communities every day.

How do we verify those claims to protect people like Mumrah from people like me? Is the OCR guy supposed to spend all his time investigating these issues instead of reading the forums and passing along your valuable feedback? Maybe we should have a GM handle that instead of doing tickets to get you all the support you need as soon as possible? Or we could just say no bad mouthing other players on the forums. This kind of action could easily fall under flaming and trolling, Harassing other Members, or even defamatory material, all of which is against the forum guidelines already in place.

We all know fleet leaders talk to one another. People who take these actions will become known in the community without having there name plastered all over the forums. It's not needed.

Further, we have given you, as Fleet Leaders, the tools you need to be able to protect your banks from individuals who engage in this kind of activity. We gave you those for a reason. We want you to use them!