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07-22-2010, 05:49 PM
Originally Posted by Mirnea
In the fleet that I am apart of, only a few high ranking officers have access to remove items from the bank. I, being one that does not have access to remove said items, prefer it that way. Because if I spot something I like/want, I still have the opportunity to petition/ask/pay to get it so with it getting ninja swiped from me.

Why, oh why wouldn't all fleet commanders adopt these security protocols?
Its a fine line, add too many restrictions and the fleet becomes a pyramid scheme, too few and you're robbed blind.

Welcome everyone with open arms and promotions and you have a varied fleet, but more chance to be robbed. Too paranoid, and the leadership becomes the elect few and promotions being stalled by absentee leadership that has quit the game.

The worst case scenario, the fleet bank allows deposits, but there's no one left playing with rank to withdraw anything.