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07-22-2010, 06:08 PM
With all the flamming going on the past few weeks with the C-Store pricing, you would think that Cryptic would try to put out the flames. Instead...

Originally Posted by StormShade
I have to disagree with that statement. We've made 3 updates including new content to the game since launch, and are about to launch another one. Of those updates, none of them have had any extra cost to you. Seasons 1, 1.1, 1.2, and 2, are all updates which included new content to Star Trek Online at no additional cost to you.



Originally Posted by StormShade
Hey gang,

Thanks again for all of your feedback. It really is incredibly valued.

I understand that some of you are upset that the Excelsior and Nebula Class vessels are headed to the C-Store. There’s a number of reasons for this, and I want to try and address them for you.

Some people are upset because they feel these items shouldn’t go into the C-Store because they’re "Canon Ships".
I can understand this view point, and I’ll make sure to pass it along. I also want to remind you however that we use the C-store to make things that you are requesting, which otherwise would not make it into the game. So, without the C-store, there would be no excelsior or Nebula in STO for some time.

The most prevalent reason seems to be that some people feel as though they’re not getting enough bang for their subscription buck right now. It’s very true that your subscription fees do go towards the ongoing development of Star Trek Online. So, I thought I would remind you all of some of the things we’ve added since launch for free to all of our players.

“Shanty Town” PvP Map

Uniform Options
Off Duty Uniforms
New stances and hairstyles at the tailor.

The K’Tanco Battle Cruiser
New Klingon Only Episodes(Coming Soon)
New Klingon Carrier

War Games (Fed vs. Fed PvP)
The Diplomatic Corps (Coming Soon)
Defiant/Galaxy/Intrepid Refits

Fleet Actions/Content
The Big Dig
DS9 Under Siege
New Undine Missions and Fleet Action (Coming Soon)
Weekly “Featured Episodes” (Coming Soon)

The Difficulty Slider
The Injury System
Squad Support
Mini Games (Coming Soon)
Level Cap Increase, 45-51 (Coming Soon)
Veteran’s Rewards

Not to mention numerous bug fixes, and other minor changes and “polish”
we’ve made based on your feedback. We’re already hard at work planning Season 3 for you right now as well! Almost all of the things listed above have been things that you, our community, has asked us to make happen for you. I personally feel that the Dev Team is doing a great job of pushing out content that you all have been asking for, and at a bang up pace.

However, I’m also seeing that you guys would like to see some more customization updates included in the next big update. It may not happen for Season 2, but I will make sure to pass that along to the Dev Team so they can keep that in mind as they’re planning Season 3 and beyond.


...they decided to throw gasoline on those flames.

I believe that most people would simply calm down if Cryptic gave us a small gesture of good will. Something as simple as a rare tribble to a ship or uniform slot. Just something to douse the flames.