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07-22-2010, 05:29 PM
Originally Posted by DES_SNIPER View Post
With all the flamming going on the past few weeks with the C-Store pricing, you would think that Cryptic would try to put out the flames. Instead...


...they decided to throw gasoline on those flames.

I believe that most people would simply calm down if Cryptic gave us a small gesture of good will. Something as simple as a rare tribble to a ship or uniform slot. Just something to douse the flames.
The way Cryptic responded, it almost makes it sound like they did us a favor when all of these contents that they introduced gracefully for us, are all warranted as part of the subscription payments.

Oh well. Different company. Different philosophy. Who am I to blame? lol....

And yea, a small token gesture would be nice. A good example would like EVE Online. For even a minor disconnection issues/server downtime, they awarded 2 cool ships as a gesture of goodwill since December 2009.