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07-23-2010, 02:04 AM
Originally Posted by Mumrah
Thanks for the reply StormShade I thought as much, in this case I believe it to be purposely done as the online officers must have been put on ignore prior to the theft as no one could send a tell.

Thanks also for some of the good ideas to communicate amongst ourselves. We do have a good strong community of both players, admin, and devs alike.

In every MMO there are "Fleet Robbers" , though not everyone realizes the various MMO cons but remember Knowledge is power, but with great power comes great responsibility, and that's one to grow on.

He didn't get much we do keep the good stuff under strict officer control.

Fleet Admirals, and officers that are interested in meeting and sharing information responsibility and discretely can reach me via ingame email or send a tell.

Again thanks for the fast response.
Originally Posted by Mumrah

Again thanks for the response The tools work well we were able to take control of the situation very quickly via good communication (XMPP FTW I was BBQing but got the tell from out of game )

My question was one that needed answering so I could deal with the Lynch mob lol ( lets just say our Klingon Fleet will be looking for him in a PvP zone \m/, )

However I have a feeling we wont see this one actually playing, maybe selling energy creds outside quarks while garbed as a blind begger.
funny. i give you an answer in a dr. phil sort of way and he gives it to you in an oprah sort of way and you thank him....lmao.

nothing further......