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07-23-2010, 09:08 AM
Originally Posted by OlBuzzard
The best answer is for ONLY fleet admin or leaders to have access to remove fleet stuff from the vault. ANYone can contribute... but ONLY one or two should have access to withdraw.

This ranks right above mandatory ec credit Donations to the fleet bank as "Reasons to Quit a Fleet"

If everyone contributes but only a few can reap the befits of it, why should I bother? In that case it will come down to whoever kisses the backside of the leader the most, gets the "gifts." And what happens when one or two of the withdrawlers quits the fleet, or STO? Your pyramid-scheme fleet becomes, a burial tomb of EC and blue gear.

Yes there needs to be control, and a chain of command, but a dictatorship of resources in not how a good organization functions