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07-23-2010, 02:51 PM
There were four things that really got my goat in the pre-order outrage:

1) The timing...they put half of the items up for sale only a few months after the game went live. That speaks of either desperation, greed, or both. (My money's on both, btw) They should have waited like a year out or so before doing this. At least it wasn't like we weren't warned ahead of time.

2) What was put up for sale...only about half or so of the pre-order items were put up for sale while the other half is still "exclusive" to their respective promotion. I'd love to see the rest put up for sale just to make everything fair.

3) The pricing...seriously, I keep wondering how they come up with the numbers. I'm still convinced that they randomly throw things at a chart and see what sticks. The numbers don't make much sense to me.

4) The Mirror uniforms...this was the biggest disappointment to me, and as I have stated it should never have been considered for sale outside of the original offer due to what it was tied to.