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07-23-2010, 05:27 PM
Originally Posted by Jack_Armstrong View Post

4) The Mirror uniforms...this was the biggest disappointment to me, and as I have stated it should never have been considered for sale outside of the original offer due to what it was tied to.
While I think they could have handled it differently, I just can't get behind any suggestion to keep that uniform exclusive to people who bought a separate game. There's 5 million different ways they could have made it available in this game. But since the uniform is specific to this game and has nothing to do with Champions or super heroes, they did need to somehow, someway, someday, make it available to people who only play star trek.

There's no point to the uniform if the only people who had access to it were champions players, who also happen to play this game. That's like getting special free McDonald's Happy Meal Prizes ... from Wendy's.