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07-24-2010, 12:12 AM
Originally Posted by DES_SNIPER View Post

Cryptics attituide is that they are doing US a favor by taking money off of our hands.
It seems to me that their goal is to grab as much money as quick as possible and bail (Console concept) rather than take the long road that will lead to more money (The MMO concept).

All of these "updates" should have been ingame from launch. Same with bug fixes and "polish".
They act as if they are being troubled and forced to go out of their way to make addition content for STO which is what we pay the $14.99 a month subscription for.
The point you are missing from the quote, is that the updates are free and ongoing, we will be seeing a steady flow of major season update every few months and that is a large part of what your sub is paying for.

Yeah the game was unfinished at launch, we all know that, it's old news. I think at the pace they are going we will be at a full game by season 4.

Also I'm pretty sure when some time goes by , say 6 months, some of this c store stuff is going to go free to download or as a vet reward, and set off a whole new flame war on the forums.

Just remember you can't get screwed over if you don't buy any of the stuff.

Now on topic, I think for every 3 new outfits to hit the store they should probably release one for free. I think they could still turn a profit on the development then.