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# 1 I've been wondering...
07-24-2010, 03:25 PM
I've been gone for a while...Im mainly just lurking while I determine to waht extent the KDF and the PvP war will be fleshed out.

I noticed that Zinc left, I havent seen anything on the why...nor do I honestly believe anything mentione dhere would be truthful on the matter.

But Im wondering if this new wave of Fed cloak access is at the root of the change in command. If some of the changes(here and coming) that makes the Fed vs KDF experience much more of a Blue vs Red re-dress of the two factions, caused a conflict that Zinc eventually lose. Perhaps it just left a bad taste in his mouth, and he felt he couldnt push Trek in that direction. But of course, there would be someone who could and would...and so he was replaced.

If Zinc chose to bow out and preserve the meaningful distinction between both factions, over diluting the experiences of both faction, then my hat goes off to him. inspite of the many things I disagreed with, this would over shadow it all for me and forever put him in a favorable light with me personally.

If this is the case, we've truly lost a significant ally...