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07-25-2010, 05:14 AM
Originally Posted by DeadlyShoe
posting things like this is the only 100% guaranteed method to get devs to stop posting
If you never rub their noses in it, they will never learn. Seems like you're rather new to the MMO world.

On a more serious note: STO will always be around more or less. But it's too late to jack the game up for the general MMO market. STO has been weighed and tested by a lot of people and the majority already ditched it. This is just another Warhammer Online/Age of Conan game. They don't excel but they'll stick around for a while as more or less "background" MMOs.

Mistake the devs make for STO? For starters they cater way too much to one faction and telling the other faction pretty much to f-off. Not a smart way of dealing with things. Making promises that a certain patch will have nearly all of the content for a certain faction and then screwing themselves by doing it otherwise isn't smart at all. Tabula Rasa should be used as a learning stage for that.

For those of you looking for a new/future MMO to play, I'd say check out Earthrise and SWTOR. No promises they'll be the golden grail but let's just face it, can't be much worse then STO now can it?