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Originally Posted by AdSin15 View Post
Hey whats the plot of STO? Does anyone know?

Isn't there some kind of war going on? How come the Federation hasn't been attacked yet? Not a single Federation world has fallen to the Klingons. The Romulans are just hanging out. The Borg and the Undine are on vacation I guess. Starbase 24 has apparently been under attack for 5 months straight and neither side has won yet! Nothing ever happens. Players have zero effect on the game universe and no events ever happen for players to participate in.

So lets review: Start toon. Level up toon to RA. Kill noobs in PvP. Try all ships. Try all skills. Try all weapons.

That takes about a month. Maybe 2. Now what? Pay 15 bucks a month to repeat this process a bunch of times? Why do we pay for this game to be "Online" when there is absolutely nothing about it that requires other human beings for? Except for PvP theres not even a reason to play with others other than to make it easier to level up. Once you level up there's nothing to do.

Read the Timeline before claiming that the federation has not yet been attacked by the Empire.
Furthermoe, the new Klingon episodes let them attack utopia Planecia.

STO's plot is mainly about the Undine infiltration caused by the I****** 's evil plan