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07-25-2010, 04:26 PM
The Klinks can attack Utopia Planetia? SO it's destroyed and we have to build a new shipyard now? Are we rebuilding it on Mars again or is it going to be on a different planet? Do players have to defend it because Im sure the Klink players will want to take it out before it becomes operational.

I dunno if you can tell what Im getting at with this conversation but I was being a bit sarcastic with the first post. Im asking for a plot. Not a mission that I can do 100 times in a row with different characters and have nothing every actually be accomplished.

Im talking about having gameplay where the players control the outcome of events instead of mindlessly doing the same missions over and over. I dont understand the concept of having an online game with no online content. With the exception of PvP why do you need to play STO "online" at all? I definitely dont understand why it costs 15 dollars a month.

Other games are either free online or the produce online only content that provides players with a constantly updating and unique experience. One of my favorite online MMOs will often have "invasions" where the equivilent of their "dev team" will take control of enemies and lead armies of NPCs against the normally safe and unsuspecting player towns. They run in and start slaughtering people with incredibly strong units and the players online at the time are forced to react. We have to coordinate a defense, heal the dead and wounded, and push the invaders out of town. FInally you have to kill the Gamemasters' Toons which are incredibly powerful and require teamwork to bring down.

The invasions happen randomly and when they occur they are talked about for weeks afterwards. Only VERY high level characters can even stand a chance against the Gamemasters.

Some people RP their toons as "evil" or as a member of a faction that might be attacking the towns. They can join in and actually HELP the Gamemasters and the GMs will take them off the target list. This would be like if the Devs played Klingon ships and invaded the Federation one random night with 500 ships under their command! Klink players could join the Klingon attack fleet and Federation players would have to scramble to defend our territory.

Oh and we would actually be able to LOSE territory. For instance if the Klinks took the space around say, Andoria, then they would be able to land ground troops and capture strategic points. If they do that; they win the Planet and it transfers to Klingon control. Destroyed ships could then respawn there instead of Klink space.

These are basic ideas which would make the game, youknow, interesting. Instead of kill, gain levels, max out levels, start new toon. Im already bored and I dont understand why I need to pay 60 bucks for the game and then 15 a month? I already beat the game. I reached RA and accomplished all the PvE missions. What else is there to do? PvP? Most games allow PvP online for free. STO has nothing worthy of a monthly subscription.