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07-25-2010, 05:41 PM
Originally Posted by Enterprise-D View Post
People seems to forget that Cryptic only had 1 year to develop this game where other companies have 2-6 years to develop a game and the fact that the KDF was designed as a PvP faction while the Federation was a mixture of both from way before closed beta.

Considering the time they had to develop this game and the fact that it has been live for almost 6 months, they have gotten a long way and got allot of new content into the game.

I feel that Season 2 is only the beginning of new content for KDF and that more and more stuff will be added.
That statement affects the player base ZERO. It wasn't our call on when to release it. They did it for the bonus and such. And they touted the engine was perfect so there was no need for the 3-5 years to build the engine. That being said, if it took 1 year for for the game, 6 months of that being to build the interfaces, and 6 months for the feds, why didn't the klinks get fixed in the last 6 months since release?