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Originally Posted by AdSin15 View Post
Im very familiar with what an MMORPG is having played them for over 10 years.

What about STO involves Role Playing in your experience?

Calling STO a role playing game is like calling Diablo a role playing game. I love diablo, but as I recall theres no interaction within the storyline which is the point of a roleplaying game. RPGs are a "choose your own adventure" game. You immerse yourself in the character and try to think as they would think. You make decisions and those decisions effect future situations and eventually the outcome of the game.

Games use a subscription model when there is a need for it. Starcraft and Diablo don't require subscriptions because there is no content beyond the game itself and Pvp. You complete the single player campaign. It's the exact same for every character class; every time you play it. After you are done you can fight other players. Diablo is successful because of the astounding variety in the ways in which you can equip and train your characters and because of the dedication required to achieve high levels and acquire high end items.

Starcraft was successful because of the incredible balance among the 3 races yet they still retained unique attributes and catered to different player styles. It had simple commands, it was fun to play and it was free online.

STO doesn't seem to understand what it wants to be as a game. It has no beginning or end. All the missions don't contribute anything to the overall storyline. Take Diablo. Great storyline. It has a beginning and an end. You search for Diablo. Track him down, epic battle, kill him, the end. What did we do in STO? Well I advanced in rank to RA but I really had zero effect upon the galaxy. All the wars are still happening; yet I can't participate in them. There's exploring to do; but I can't find any new places. There's science stuff to do but we can't exactly develop new items or learn new things.

Xbox is 50 bucks a year and allows ALL games. STO is 180 dollars per year and is one game.

In regards to me using the term "units" I think you aren't understanding what I was talking about. Unit is just a generic term I used to avoid describing the other game in detail because it's irrelevant. If it helps, Imagine the Devs leading a fleet of 300 Klingon SHIPS (not units) in which the ships (not units) being flown by the Devs are experimental ships that players dont have access to. Obviously they will unfairly strong and require teams of Fed players to destroy them. Now that would be fun.
Again, you misunderstood the term MMORPG
Roleplaying mostly refers to the fact that you are playing the role of your character and SHOULd do that while interacting with other PLAYERS too. Unfortunately most players don't do that.
There is some decisionmaking in the new season 2 Missions btw...
Also: Look at it like that:
You are a fed, you decide to Wipe out a planet --> so fed would throw you into prision.
Resulting in the game ending for you.
Furthermore, other players would like to visit that place too, because of you they can't anymore, which could ruin the game for them.
or the other way around: You have just destroyed Quo'Nos the Klingon homeworld, ok now lingons start there get all their quests there and so on - but now its no longer there - what shall they do now? They have lost the war, their homeworld, everything. The war with the Federation would be over, as the impact on the Empire would be too severe, even more than the loss of the Romulan homeworld to the Romulans.

WoW too is an RPG, yet you have no direct impact on the story line, there is phasing, yes but thats all.

The thing with the devs playing Enemies has already happened during an event btw.
It was pretty funny shooting at all those Overpowered Borg ships flown by the devs lol.

The game you are requesting is meant to be a single player game. But this a Massive MULTIPLAYER Online Game.
Sorry but to me you are asking for a game like Arcanum or The Elder Scrolls [insert whatever number you like]