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07-25-2010, 08:31 PM
Originally Posted by Creovex View Post
That statement affects the player base ZERO. It wasn't our call on when to release it. They did it for the bonus and such. And they touted the engine was perfect so there was no need for the 3-5 years to build the engine. That being said, if it took 1 year for for the game, 6 months of that being to build the interfaces, and 6 months for the feds, why didn't the klinks get fixed in the last 6 months since release?
You seem to forget that the 1 year deadline was set by CBS and not Cryptic.

The devs has a few times said that if they could, they would had waited with the launch until all the content they wanted in the game from the start to be there.

At least that is what was said in the forum and IRC chat during closed/open beta.

The last 6 months has gone to adding more content that everyone is screaming for, fix bugs and to add some of the stuff they wanted to add before launch that got left out because they didn't have time to finish them.

And also their team is allot smaller now then what it was during development and closed/open beta...all MMO companies downsize the development team of a game as soon as it is released to the public so that they can put the extra work force to start on a new game or just to cut down on expenses to pay for the huge server farms that are needed to run a MMO server.

MMO is a game type that never stops getting developed unlike all the single player games that most people play. Look at Lineage2 and WoW, online for more than 6 years and new content and huge expansions are still being developed and added to the game.
Take Lineage2 for example, compare the content it had on launch with the content that is in the game now and the differences are insane. At first the level cap was 20 and then become 40 in the 2nd expansion, players spent months to grind up to 40 it takes 1-2 days to hit 40 and the level cap is 85 that can take you over a year of casual game play to reach.

Give Cryptic some time and STO will be a huge game.
For me the Feds just started to get the content that they should have had from day one and that is non-combat missions, because in the shows they mostly used diplomacy to deal with disputes and used violence as a last resort and in most cases only if they where attacked 1st.
Playing a Fed up until now has been like playing a Klingon...oh no they are in our way, what do we do? kill them all, give them no warning and no request to leave the system.

As a lifer, I don't care if I have to wait another year before all the content that I wish was in the game gets added...heck my highest level character is Captain 6 at the moment.