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07-26-2010, 03:40 AM
Originally Posted by stargek View Post
it should be free, there is already a lot in the cstore. i didn't buy an subscription so i can buy everything in the c-store. this game was / is unfinisht, cryptic doesn't have to put all the cool goodies in the store.

please don't say we already have some cool goodies / missions / stuff, those are epic updates that should be ready when this game was launched.

as long people buy for real money goodies, as long cryptic milk players.
(like the new fed ships)

my idea of the cool goodies is to earn them by doing something ingame (and not 'make 5 friends to buy an subscription)
Even if they made all the crap in the c store free today, the game would still be unfinished. It's not like they are holding back real content in the store. All the stuff is useless fluff that some people are foolish enough to spend real money on. I'll take major season updates and patches for free as they have been doing since launch over all the "cool stuff" people seemed to be so worked up over. You want you free ship so bad and I think it's silly because I'd much rather have something new to do with my old ship.