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I think the OP has some good points, and while some of his points will not work in this particular MMOG, I do not understand why everyone on these forums are quick to immediately shoot down good ideas from people who are upset by the lack of structure in this game. For example the OP talked about random events occurring like invasions, look at City of Heroes it has random events occurring as did SWG, like the invasions of the capitals and what not, these types of things here in STO would be a positive change, also not a bad idea to have a sector or two that can change control depending on fleet actions or PvP (I know the Devs have thought about this idea), at least we would get a feel of the war going positive or negative for our respected faction. I think this game can be great for all players but right now I have to agree it is still very bland after 6 months. I however will continue to play and give constructive feedback as often as possible.