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07-26-2010, 05:47 AM
Originally Posted by ambience View Post
As for the binds and characters, it's character specific and ground/space specific. Due to that I usually save bind files around for each character and ship type. So an engineer cruiser loadout, a carrier loadout, an escort loadout, etc. And if I swap ships I just arrange my powers appropriately and just reload the correct bind file.

These are the 2 commands for that. By default they go to your install directory unless you put a full path to the file. The advantage of bind files is you can edit them outside of game as well to tweak them.

/bind_save_file <filename>
/bind_load_file <filename>
Ah, I don't have a huge amount of Keybinding experience so I didn't use the bind command structure. I'll do more research into them. Thanks.