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07-26-2010, 07:17 AM
Originally Posted by cold_gin_time_again View Post
it just shows the loyalty and love of the Star Trek genre by the fans....

.... and now the ugly head of greed and the ability to take advantage of us has surfaced as a byproduct.
Indeed. And I'm not even a "Trekkie" either. I'm a "Trekker" who's a fan of Star Trek, Star Wars, and other sci-fi.

I'll probably get a lifetime sub with SWTOR coming out next year, but I'm certainly not going to be duped into all of the pre-order promotion crud. I'm sure Bioware/EA will be a little more honest than Cryptic with "exclusives" and such, but all-in-all Cryptic very much soured me on MMO promotion/propaganda.

Originally Posted by ThomastheCat View Post
That's nothing new. There's a reason that seasons of TNG cost $110 when they were first released as compared to seasons of other dramas like Law & Order or The West Wing, which came out of the gate only costing $40-50.
You can get Voyager, DS9, TNG, and others from Walmart now for around $40/boxed season. But yes, overpriced when they came out which is why I never bothered.