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07-26-2010, 08:40 AM
The C-Store Infos in Game and from Website say the traits:

Looking for things to make you go? Try creating a Federation Pakled Officer! These Captains begin with the Dumb Luck trait (40% increase in susceptibility to placate and confuse powers, 20% percent increase in susceptibility to holds, 6% increase in Critical frequency). They may choose three additional traits. Note: Purchase of this option unlocks it for every character slot on an account.

as i have buy it and make a Pakled the Dumb Luck trait has the follow stats:

+4% critical chance
-30% hold resistance
-30% confuse resistance
-30% placate resistance

Is this a bug on the Dumb Luck Trait or u think really that the negatives on this trait is a good trade off for 1% extra crit to the normal 3% critcal chance that other races can get from the normal Lucky trait? And by the way the Infos on the Store then are misguiding.

Without the the extra 2% crit chance bonus this trait is not even to Lucky traits it is absolute bad if you take so massive resist penalty. I hope it is only a Bug, if not at least 2 of the penalty should be removed or the percant penalty reduced to only -10% each or the trait should get extra other boni.