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07-26-2010, 09:41 AM
Originally Posted by PhyrexianHero
Dabo Dabbler - Bet 1,000 Credits at Dabo
Gambler - Bet 10,000 Credits at Dabo
High Roller - Bet 100,000 Credits at Dabo
[at least one more]
I got through Gambler with credits, then bet about 5k worth of GPL and the credits accolades, naturally, stopped rising, but I didn't see any accolade for betting with GPL. Did you notice any accolade for betting with GPL?

I noticed in your signature the 6320 accolade points - Congrats - That's awesome!! I thought mine was high at 5020! (Though mine would be higher if some of my Mission ones would have applied, for instance I know I met the Guardian but never got that Accolade (but my alternate character does have it)...)