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07-26-2010, 11:21 AM
Originally Posted by Cpt.William2 View Post
I know that for many, this topic is old and finished (in which case, they are free to ignore this thread), and I have tried to do this through contact with Cryptic, but unfortunately, they have no customer support and do not respond to any of my messages. And according to one of the Devs, this is where I should put it. I believe that like the RAF, those who got their exclusives put on the C-Store should get compensation.

My basic outline is this:
  • 1000 CP
    • per box AFTER initial box (+500 if LTS)
    • per DDE buyer. (stacks if an EXTRA box)
    • per Pre-Order. (stacks if EXTRA box)
  • 3000 CP per CE buyer. (stacks if EXTRA box)
  • 2000 CP per LTS (only pre-order)

My explanation for 2000 CP per pre-order LTS is simply that the loss of the Liberated Borg to all LTS subscribers as well as the ability to buy extra character slots in C-Store, means a loss of investment. I say this because had I not pre-ordered, I would never have bought this game.
This seems to be pretty fair. Not only does it reward loyalty, but it guarantees continued support. With, at my last calculation, almost $135 worth of C-Store content, this is an investment. It continues loyalty, so in the future when expansions come out or more C-Store additions we have a reason to want to continue giving money in support of the game.

I believe this is a very good way to reward loyalty and to make a lot of people very happy. To be honest what really irritates me is the fact that while the company seems willing to compensate RAF players, it refuse everyone else. To me, this is unfair.

I would love to hear everyone else's thoughts and ideas but please, don't flame or troll or bash, keep it clean and keep it civil!
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