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07-26-2010, 02:10 PM
Did I miss something or can you buy the Liberated Borg Captain in the C-Store? If I can tell me so I can go do it! If you mean the BOFF that wasn't a LTS perk... it was an exclusive... as for the exclusives I look at it like this.

-I liked the look of the game and preordered, as a reward depending on the retailer I picked I got a neat item for no additional cost. That people can obtain this item AT ADDITIONAL cost doesn't matter to me.

For LTS same thing you got the LTS (which is a major savings if you play past the point of cost equivilance), and some added perks for no additional cost. Stop being greedy please =) "compensation" for LTS or preorders or open beta people is silly and should be dropped. I want the Devs and heads at Cryptic to focus on new in game content and in game obtainables. I think I can safely say most people want the same.