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07-26-2010, 02:19 PM
Originally Posted by LotD
People have lost their Galaxy-Xs? They no longer have access to the Galaxy-X they earned?
No, they din't lose there Galaxy-X's, yet they recieved $50 worth of "compensation" for the loss of a $25 exclusive, never mind the Holo Boff, the $25 CP, and special tribble they already got.

Originally Posted by Havlicek View Post
Deciding who gets how much for what takes time away from teams that could be spent on other more productive areas.

So you're upset that a LTS exclusive is exclusive to all LTS people..... seriously it shouldn't concern you so much. If I remember correctly the real bonus for getting it at its first offering is it was MUCH cheaper then than it is now. And if not, why is it a big deal? It's still an exclusive to LTS people... really 2000 Cryptic Points because the first month of LTS people aren't the ONLY LTS people with Liberated Borg Captains is ridiculous.

But I don't see any point in responding again because I don't think you can be convinced asking this amount is silly, and that a lot of people don't care, or think the opposite.
Maybe not 2000 CP, but some points, and to be honest in a few months it'll probably be up on the C-Store anyway. To be honest, were you howling up a storm when Galaxy-X people got compensation, that they should have been focusing more on the game?